Tritons Swim Club Reintigration Plan (Phase 1)

Wolfville Tritons Swim Club Reintegration Plan (Phase 1)


Hayden Adams


The Wolfville Tritons Swim Club is interested in the opportunity to start re-integrating into the sport of swimming while strictly adhering to the regulations provided by Swim Nova Scotia’s Return to Swimming plan. This document is meant to carefully detail how our practices will look during the first phase of reintegration, and is currently based on information we have as of June 12/2020. 


First and foremost, we will be using Lumsden Pond just outside of Wolfville, Nova Scotia as our main source of open water. It is roughly 2km long, and 300m across, with a wide enough “beachfront” to safely allow 8 swimmers to enter the water at least 6 feet apart from each other. There are a few nearby locations such as Shay Lake in Falmouth, as well as an unnamed lake on Forest Hill Road, which is about 5 minutes away from Lumsden. 


During Phase 1, we will only be allowing swimmers in our Jr.A/Senior Training groups to train. All of the swimmers in these groups are 11+ and should have no problem swimming in a lake. These are our most experienced swimmers on the team, and thus the best ones to start off with, as Swim NS’s plan suggests. These swimmers include:


  • Scotia Broome (17)

  • Sophie Duncan (14)

  • Westin Endres (12)

  • Alexander Glenn (15)

  • Gabriel Graves (16)

  • Maggie Graves (15)

  • Eliese Groeneveld (15)

  • Jenna Guy (16)

  • Shannon Guy (13)

  • Harvey Hadley (11, almost 12)

  • Robert Kennedy (17)

  • Bo Stokesbury-Price (17)

  • Eliza Stokesbury-Price (14)

  • Kaisa Thorsen (16)

  • Ava Vial (18)

  • Hannah Williams (15)

  • Olivia Williams (13)

With 17 total, we would be splitting these swimmers into 2 groups of 6, and a group of 5, which would be and stay consistent as (until changes are allowed by the Swim NS):


  • Group A: Bo Stokesbury-Price, Eliza Stokesbury-Price, Gabriel Graves, Maggie Graves, Alexander Glenn, Ava Vial, Eliese Groeneveld

  • Group B: Scotia Broome, Jenna Guy, Shannon Guy, Hannah Williams, Olivia Williams, Sophie Duncan

  • Group C: Robert Kennedy, Harvey Hadley, Westin Endres, Kaisa Thorsen


Regarding how the program will be run:



  • All swimmers and parents will fill out any necessary documentation (Declaration of compliance and assumption of risk) and it will be sent to Swim NS before their first training session.

  • All swimmers, coaches, and staff will sanitize, apply sunscreen (if necessary that day), change into their suits, and answer health monitoring questions before travelling to practice that day. Health monitoring results will be communicated to the coach before each athlete travels to every practice. 

  • All coaches/staff will arrive at each practice in a clean set of clothes.

  • Swimmers will leave any personal belongings at home before travelling to practice, bringing only the essentials, being a cap, goggles, water bottle, and possibly fins/paddles (if required, that will be communicated to swimmers in advance)

  • All equipment/suits brought to practice will be disinfected before and after each workout by swimmers/families

  • Swimmers will activate on the grass at Lumsden Pond as led by the coach, and maintain social distancing. 

  • There will be pylons lined along the shore, with each swimmer’s name labelled on them spread far enough apart to ensure at least 6 feet will be kept between swimmers. Each swimmer is to enter and exit the water only at their respective Pylon. Pylons will be disinfected before and after each session.

  • Practices will prioritize social distancing at all times, so staggered starts will be used to ensure physical distance is maintained, as well as frequent “spot checks”. Essentially, a chance for swimmers to stop, look where they’re at, and re-adjust/continue the instructed drill at a safe distance from other swimmers.

  • From a technical perspective, practices in our first phase will focus on technique, no time will be given to anything race related. 

  • Practices will start as roughly an hour long, 4 times a week, and as we train more, we will start adding more workouts/time into the schedule. Any changes in schedule can be communicated to Swim NS if necessary. 

  • There will be no overlap between separate groups. There will be at least 30 minutes between when one group leaves the lake, and the next group arrives. Parents will remain in their vehicles during practice, or will leave and return to pick them up at the appropriate time. 

  • The coach will remain on shore for instruction, and if the swimmers are too far away I do have a Megaphone. The swimmers should be able to hear from a pretty far distance. Meanwhile, we will have a hired safety person on a paddle board or kayak in the water alongside the swimmers. 

  • If anyone in a group is symptomatic, they will be removed from the practice and that group will not train for 14 days. Furthermore, nobody will be pressured into swimming if they are in any way symptomatic.

  • Any swimmer who is symptomatic will need to contact their physician immediately

  • Attendance will be kept for every single practice through both a physical logbook, as well as recorded in digital form in a google doc after each workout. The coach will be the only person touching the attendance log book each workout. This way, if need be, the attendance can be sent in its entirety to Swim NS, Public health, or anyone else who needs it for the sake of tracking. Groupings will remain consistent until further allowance from Swim NS.

  • If we arrive and there are other public users at Lumsden, there are alternate entry points to the water after a short walk through the trails located at the lake, we will use one of those if available. Otherwise we will conduct dryland training that session at a safe physical distance. 

  • We will be lake training for as long as possible, and treating this as if it were an early, slow start to the 2020-2021 season.

  • If there is inclement weather, such as thunderstorms that would interfere with practice, a decision to cancel will be made by the coach at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the workout.

  • If any equipment is lost, it will remain lost. No lost and found will be organized to avoid touching equipment that has not been disinfected. 

  • Hand Sanatizer and Cleaning wipes will be provided at the practice site, but swimmers are recommended to still carry their own cleaning supplies for their own personal use before and immediately after practice. 




Group A: 7:20-8:30am On Monday and Friday, 5:00-6:10pm on Tuesday and Thursday


Group B: 7:20-8:30am on Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-6:10pm on Monday and Friday


Group C: 9:00am-10:10am on Monday and Friday, 6:40-7:50pm on Tuesday and Thursday

Tritons Swim Team - 2018